Gold 01 Aug 2015
Looking for sellers of gold nuggets, sore, or bullion in Malaysia, Thailand or Dubai. Can start with 100 kilograms as a trial shipment…


Petroleum 01 Aug 2015
LPG requirement of 100000 MT/month, the contract will be for many years. Genuine sellers please contact.


Financial Instruments 01 Aug 2015
We are looking for bonds, specific the Farmerd bons: 250K, 500K and Liberty 10K and 100K.


Coal 01 Aug 2015
I am looking for 200,000 MT x 12 Months of Thermal Coal CIF to Iskenderun, Turkey. Specs: NCV (AR) 5800-6000 kCal/kg; Total Mositure…


Steel 01 Aug 2015
Need Stainless steel 304 for our client. Please, send price CIF Spain and conditions. Payment term 100% L/C at sight.


Recycling 01 Aug 2015
I am looking for HDPE milk bottles waste, PET bottle waste, HDPE barrels waste, LDPE film waste scrap in bulk. Let me know the best…


Iron 01 Aug 2015
We are looking for iron ore supplier, minimum volumes 12500 Tons of material/month


Metal Scrap 01 Aug 2015
A different Buyer I represent is looking for R50-R65 USED RAILS & HMS 1 & 2 (80%-20%) If Trial Shipment is successful the Buyer will…


Cooking Oils 01 Aug 2015
Urgent request for seed and plant oils (not refined) A newly launched enterprise in Athens Greece is looking for a serious supplier…


Packaging Products 01 Aug 2015
Please send quote price for polypropylene fabrics : 32,38,42,48 “ in 3.0,5.0, 6.5 and 8.0 oz CIF Veracruz , Mexico or Houston ,…


I have LOI in hand
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