Sugar 29 Aug 2015
Looking for Icumsa 45 from Brazil, must sent SCO with company profile to be considered, interested suppliers, please reply ASAP.


Diamond 29 Aug 2015
Looking for fancy pink diamonds FL over 5 ct.


Petroleum 29 Aug 2015
I'm looking for a supplier of crude oil, M100.D2, JP54, LPG, LNG to Asian countries.


Soft Drinks 29 Aug 2015
I look for supplier of Red Bull energy drink, English label 60 trucks per month. Please come back to me with your quotation


Cement 29 Aug 2015
I need to import cement my target price is 66$/MT Need 600,000 Ton yearly 50,000 Ton per month, CIF.


Iron 29 Aug 2015
I am looking for iron ore at 100,000 MT per month at 63.5% . I have 3 buyers lined up ready to look over your offers.


Grains 29 Aug 2015
Buying wheat as per the following requirements: Wheat - Hard Milling Quality Aflatoxin, within the maximum limits as per international…


Gold 29 Aug 2015
My client is seeking gold at a discount and cif procedures to NYC. My client can tranche a hundred kgs per month and more, depending…

Hong Kong

Metal Scrap 29 Aug 2015
I need Used rails 25000 MT x 12 months CIF to China. Please send me SCO.


Cooking Oils 29 Aug 2015
I am looking to buy 100 metric tons of your raw used cooking oil. I also collect residential used cooking oil and I have plenty of…


I have LOI in hand
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