Agricultural Products 16 Dec 2017
We deal in agricultural products of high quality. We have capacity to supply catfish in quantity. Contact us today.


Kitchen Appliances 16 Dec 2017
We are a Group of German Company with Offices in Europe and China. our main Business are Discounter products for retail chain in NON…


Diamond 16 Dec 2017
Hello I have several contacts for rough diamonds in Congo, Angola, south africa .... in box


Financial Instruments 16 Dec 2017
We are interested in Banking Instruments from Real Providers. Instruments must come from Prime Banks.


Nuts & Kernels 16 Dec 2017
I require Black Matpe from Kenya ,please any supplier that can send me quotations for this will be great.


Computer Softwares 16 Dec 2017
need four Model HP laptop to buy, payment by TT and hope to have it VIA Corrie DHL as soon as possible


Office Paper 16 Dec 2017
Looking to buy A4 copy papers for school purposed.we need supplier who will take us on a long term contract purposed.

South Africa

Consumer Electronics 16 Dec 2017
Looking to buy Accessories usb data cables,flash drives & sd cards please send best offer and condition of items


Copper 16 Dec 2017
we are looking for copper cathodes from chine discount 15, please send you FCO, I have some buyer with urgent request


Men Footwear 16 Dec 2017
I looking to buy new shoes of any brand, and for my newly store, if any have in question should email me


I have LOI in hand
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